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New Website Design Delivered: But Is Yours Missing These 5 Things?

May 2019 By

When developing a new website design for your brand, it’s important to avoid mistakes that could potentially obstruct traffic, leads, and ultimately, customers!

We’ve put together these website design tips to help you swerve common errors and get the most out of your new website design.

Relevant, Optimised Content

When it comes to creating a new website design, the star of the show is really the high-quality content. It can look as pretty as you like but if it isn’t optimised for your audience or to make it easy to convert to sales, it’s pointless!

Your website copy and content needs to be specifically targeted to your audience, informative but not dull, eye-catching but not littered with clickbait, and in the case of a blog, consistent!

Before creating any content, you must decide who you’re aiming it toward. To do that, analyse the demographic and behavioural data of your existing visitors and customers. Then, tease out a profile of the target audience. Give them a name and a backstory, and it suddenly becomes a lot easier to craft content that they’ll love!

new website design seo process

Before creating any content, you must decide who you’re aiming it toward.

Seamless Social Media Integration

The social media revolution shows no sign of slowing down. In our current era of hyper-connectivity, organic sharing through social media is an effective marketing tool. But, let’s be realistic, even the most interesting blog post or enticing product page won’t make it on to your visitors’ news feeds – unless you make sharing quick and easy.

The best approach is to integrate prominent sharing buttons at a convenient location on each page of your site. Consider placing them at the start or end of your content… If it’s a long piece, go for both!

Some of our clients opt for sticky widgets that tracks down the page as someone reads, however these aren’t always mobile-friendly (read more on responsive web design and why you need it here).

Sharing your content should be as instantaneous and stress-free as possible otherwise it just won’t happen. It’s an absolute must for your new website design.

new website design social media integration

Sharing your content should be as instantaneous and stress-free as possible, or it just won’t happen.

Clear CTAs

A call-to-action is all about telling your audience what you want them to do. Once your target audience is hooked by the sparkling content on your new website design, it’s time to reel them in and make a coveted conversion. There’s no need to lose out on leads because the professional web design isn’t up to scratch (learn more about increasing leads and traffic to your website here).

new website designLike other sharing options, a CTA should be clear, prominent, and easy to use. For example, if we wanted you to contact our web design agency, we’d provide a link or easy to click button that takes you straight to the correct page like this one!

Options for clear CTAs:

  • If you’d like visitors to sign up to your newsletter, place a bold CTA on your homepage or in your sidebar.
  • Add a link to an irresistible free resource within the body of a blog post or information page.
  • Offer an exclusive discount on a product page or a pop-up when visitors are about to leave – in exchange for their email address, of course.
  • Use buttons on your homepage that are big and easy to click when scanning!
testimonials on other new website designs

Give visitors the ability to make their own judgment of your brand, based on real experiences from existing customers.

Customer Testimonials

Your new website design must include testimonials or social proof. This gives visitors the ability to make their own judgment of your brand, based on the real (although curated) experiences of existing customers.

A dedicated testimonial page, or feedback snippets expertly placed on the homepage and other suitable locations, can help any business make a connection with potential leads. You can also display these in sliders on various pages so that it serves as a constant reminder why they should choose your product or service!

A Mobile-Friendly Experience

Your new website design has beautiful graphics, an amazing interface, and relevant content that’s tailor-made for your target audience. In short, it’s perfection. But when you attempt to load it on a mobile device – bam – it’s suddenly a hot mess. Unfortunately, great desktop designs don’t always translate into an impressive mobile experience, and you don’t want to miss out on mobile sales!

Testing is a critically important stage of the development process. The good news is that our creative web design company performs thorough tests of every site we build to ensure that the user interface is smooth, responsive, and visually appealing.

Now that you’re armed with the most up-to-date website design strategies, you’re ready to get a site that converts and makes your job a whole lot easier! If you need any help getting the site of your dreams, send us an email.