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How to Grow Your Facebook as a Startup

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If you’re looking to grow your Facebook for your small business or startup, then we don’t blame you!

Facebook has been around for over 15 years. In that time, it’s rapidly progressed from a small, student-focused network to a global tech powerhouse with 2.4 billion active monthly users.

For businesses, Facebook has been beneficial on multiple fronts: it provides access to a huge audience, allows brands to expand their online presence, acts as a conduit for customer service and direct interaction, and comes packaged with analytic tools that help small businesses to further grow their audience, find leads, and secure new business.

Is Facebook a good platform for startups? In short, yes! You just need to grow your Facebook page and presence, and here are our top tips on how you can get started today!

Top Tips to Grow Your Facebook Right Now

Set Up a Business Page

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to ensure that each business has its own unique page and that the page is created and updated correctly.

For a small enterprise, you can either start a business page linked to your personal page or set up a business account from the outset, to keep home and work completely separate. Both routes are free to use, but having a distinct business account is beneficial because it allows someone else to take care of it, without having to sign in to your personal account (which goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service and can get your page removed!).

We can complete Facebook page set up for you if you run into trouble, including cover art design and professional copywriting (contact us for more information).

Make the Connection

Don’t break the connection between business and personal entirely, however! Add a link to your business page in the “Intro” and “About” sections of your own page, so that friends and family have a chance to check it out every time they visit. And whenever you interact with someone on Facebook, you’ll be promoting your business too!

Interact with Your Followers

Don’t forget, Facebook is a social network, so spend time getting to know your followers! Create posts that drive conversation, ask questions, provide answers, and encourage discussions between your audience members. Build a community around your business and don’t just sell, sell, sell all the time. Your audience will see right through it.

Facebook is also an ideal platform for conducting customer service. It’s convenient for customers and allows you to demonstrate how quickly and effectively your business provides support – which can convince customers-in-waiting that you’re trustworthy.

Create High-Quality Content

Be thoughtful about the brand content you post to Facebook. Use knowledge of your target persona – the visualisation of your key audience’s demographics, behaviours, and preferences – as a guide. Which formats work best for your target persona? When and where do they interact with brands on Facebook? What might prompt them to share content with their friends?

Remember that Facebook is an ideal platform to showcase what your brand is about; not only its product range but the values that underpin the business. Facebook facilitates the meaningful relationships that convert and help your startup to grow.

Use Lookalike Audiences

If you choose to advertise on Facebook, one of the best features of Ads Manager – the platform’s marketing toolkit – is the ability to target people who are similar to your existing followers. These users are known as a lookalike audience.

This is a valuable tool for growing your business. Lookalike audiences have a higher than average chance of connecting with your brand, as their profiles align with people you’ve already brought on board. Target the right people consistently, and your business is in a great position to sustain growth.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion, and find out how we can help you to grow your Facebook with our professional page setup services.