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Setting Up a New Web Site? Here’s How To Save on Website Design

August 2019 By

Have you been wondering how you could save on website design costs for your new branding?

The cost of website design nowadays averages around £500 and can reach far beyond £50,000 for well-known brands looking for the most complex projects. But, setting up a new website is possible on small budgets too, you just have to know what you can do to save money in the process.

So, here are five ways easy ways that you can save on website design:

Make a Plan First

The more information you can provide to the designers you plan to work with, the less time it will take for them to deliver the site to you, which means you’ll also spend less money in the long run.

  • Will this be a site with only a simple contact form, or do you need an all-in eCommerce solution?
  • Will you need third-party integrations or is the website purely informative?
  • Do you want interactive or animated designs, or are you showcasing killer photography?

These are just some of the questions you’ll need to consider before even speaking to a designer. The more you know what you want, the easier (and cheaper) the process will be.

save on website design

Pro Tip: When getting quotes for website design, make a rough list of all the pages that you want on your website, and any large features or special integrations you need. This will give the designer a good idea of how large your project is and you’ll get an accurate price straight off the bat.

Prioritise Features

While you might have listed all the features you want, do you know which ones are a ‘need’ and which ones are ‘nice to have’? You can bet that the latest innovations and custom code are going to be the things that drive the price up, ruining your plans to save on website design costs. Things like ordering a responsive web design are essential (to find out why, read our other article here). Facebook Chat and flashy floating sharing buttons are not, and may not even be a match for your chosen hosting plan.

You’ll have a much easier time keeping your website design costs low if you make a list of all the features that pop into your mind and then put aside those that are not needed right away. Prioritise and your budget will thank you for it! Order the additional upgrades you want to include in your long-term marketing strategy later. Committing to a future web design upgrade or refresh for some of your ‘wants’ will keep launch prices low when it counts.

Make Use of Templates

Most web design companies today offer templates that cater to specific types of businesses and work with the most popular website platforms. If you’re on a really tight budget, look into website templates you can use right away that you only need to tweak slightly! That way you’ll be able to hit the ground running and only pay a set fee for using the template. There’s quite a number of free templates available that you simply fill with your content and you’re ready to go, until you can afford to hire a professional designer later down the line.

save on website design

Pro tip: Make sure you check the licensing! Some templates are not legally allowed to be used to sell items without a pro license, so make sure you check before you buy. If in doubt, ask the website design company!

Choose the Right Type of Hosting

The website hosting provider you choose will be an ongoing cost of your website, so choosing the right one straight away can save you money. But, the right hosting depends on your website’s build and needs.

Shared hosting means your site will share the server it’s stored on and all its resources with other sites, and it’s a good pick if you can handle the tech side of things yourself but be careful that you select a good host who doesn’t oversubscribe their space.

Managed hosting means that you only have to worry about the content on your website, while the provider takes care of the technical side of things: hardware and software setup, maintenance, updates, and support. This is the best pick for a new site and complete tech beginners! We offer managed services with our Website Care Plans for anyone who needs it, including monthly analytics, daily backups and complimentary hosting, from only £40 per month.

Just remember, the factors that affect the price of your website will be the size, style, number of pages, and most of all, the functionality and features. With a solid plan on what you need, you can keep your website design costs low and not blow through your budget so quickly! For help finding website design services that match your budget, drop us a call or contact us here.