Website Traffic Problems: Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

June 2019 By

Website traffic problems plague many businesses, particularly those who are starting off in the world of eCommerce. The age-old adage of ‘build it and they will come’ is no longer true, and instead businesses need to drive traffic to their websites in order to make a sale. So, if you’re having website traffic problems, here are some of the most common reasons behind it:

1. Your Website Design Is Outdated

An outdated design is often the first culprit for no or a limited amount of visitors. If your website seems to be a relic from the past, it’s time to update it with a sleek new look. Not only will this reflect positively on your website but your business and branding too.

So what does outdated actually mean?

Aesthetics are each to their own, but you need to make sure you’re keeping current when it comes to user experience. Responsive web design is key here, and this means that your website elements automatically scale to fit perfectly on any device – desktop, tablet, or phone. The same goes for your eCommerce store! User experience is really all that matters, so if you don’t know where to start, find a creative web design company like ourselves who can take care of this for you!

2. Your Content Isn’t Up To Scratch

Copy and content writing, along with multimedia make your site more interesting, and one of the main causes of website traffic problems are people ‘bouncing’ or leaving your site too soon. For eCommerce sites, it’s not enough to simply list your products, you need images, enchanting descriptions and information that buyers can use to make a decision!

Chances are, your competitors have similar products too. So why are theirs selling?

Because they use content to attract more visitors and convert them. Each of your products should have well-thought-out descriptions that explain to visitors how the product will make their lives easier. Another way to offer value to customers using content is by having a business blog where you will focus on providing tips and advice on related topics instead of just trying to sell your products.

3. Your Site Isn’t Optimised

The reason why nobody seems to be interested in your website is that they don’t know it exists…

Think about all of the businesses, websites, and blogs out there. When people are searching for products or services you offer, you might not even be listed in search engine results. Meaning your website traffic problems originate from having a site that is not SEO optimised.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a critical part of any website. In the simplest terms, search engine optimisation is a marketing technique that helps websites increase their organic traffic (traffic that you don’t pay for) by trying to make sure your website design is getting on the first page of search engine ranking results for the areas that you want.

There are three types of SEO:

  • On-Page – Optimisation of all the content on your website; this includes creating content rich in keywords and keyword optimisation.
  • Technical  – This optimises the technical side. It includes things like website speed, security, mobile friendliness, architecture, indexing, and more.
  • Off-Page – This part of SEO revolves around your website’s relationship with other websites. The better relationship with good websites, the more reputation and authority your website will have.

The right tools can help you out a lot in optimising your website. If you’re new to SEO, it’s best to consult some guides on it before you proceed, or even better, employ someone who knows what it’s all about and can help you navigate through the issues that result in no traffic.

Your website traffic problems often stem from skipping an important part during website design – sometimes it’s SEO, other times it’s the content or design itself. Remember, your website will only attract visitors if it offers real value to them – everything counts: from how user-friendly it is, to content and product descriptions, all the way to security and loading times.

If you want to finally solve your website traffic problems, drop us a message via our contact page and let us help you!